World Health Day: Harmonizing “My Health, My Right”

In the grand symphony of life, there exists a refrain that echoes through the ages – “My Health, My Right.” It’s a melody that sings of the inalienable right to health, a chorus joined by voices from every corner of the globe. On this World Health Day, we tune our hearts to this profound theme, amplifying the call for Universal Health Coverage (UHC)—a promise of care that leaves no one behind. Amidst the verses of innovation and progress, we celebrate the individuals and ideas orchestrating a healthier world for all.

In embracing UHC, we recognize that it isn’t merely a goal; it’s the foundation of health and well-being in communities around the globe. The second edition of the Africa Young Innovators for Health (AYI4H) Awards has highlighted this theme, honoring young innovators driving us towards UHC. By highlighting these pioneering innovations, we affirm our dedication to a future where health services are universally accessible everywhere.

Pharmarun: Redefining medication access

Teniola Adedeji’s Pharmarun stands out as a beacon of innovation, clinching the first prize for its impact on medication accessibility. “Pharmarun is like a trusted partner for healthcare professionals, ensuring that patients receive their medications exactly when and where they need it,” Teniola describes. “It was born from a simple yet profound belief: everyone deserves their medication on time. This innovation saves patients and healthcare providers time fosters better adherence to treatment plans and prevents delayed treatment outcomes. It’s about being there for those who need us, ensuring that distance or circumstance doesn’t keep anyone from their right to health.”

Photo-Kabada: Pioneering care for newborns with jaundice

Moses Ochora’s Photo-Kabada shines a light on the critical area of neonatal care. He eloquently shares the vision that led to its creation “Photo-Kabada was born out of a need for a phototherapy device that caters to health workers in low-resource settings – a one-stop point for a baby with neonatal jaundice. We innovated around the demand to treat more than one baby, monitor their vitals, and have a solar-powered battery to solve the load-shedding issue. Our device offers comprehensive care for a sick newborn baby with jaundice. Photo-Kabada is designed to support a doctor or nurse in a low- or middle-income country NICU, but it is more than a device; it promises every child the right to a healthy start in life.”

Neosave: Advancing neonatal care with a personal touch

Nura Izath discusses Neosave, a crucial technology for newborn care, offering tools that assist healthcare professionals in improving survival rates and health outcomes for the most vulnerable patients. She explains, “Neosave emerged from the deepest place of love and concern—watching over a newborn and feeling the weight of responsibility. It’s our way of saying, ‘You’re not alone’ to healthcare workers and families.”

Trash 4 Health: Turning waste into well-being for all

Muhammad Abdullahi’s Trash 4 Health introduces an innovative approach to healthcare access. He shares,”With Trash 4 Health, we’re not just cleaning up the environment: we’re turning every piece of trash into a chance for better health. It’s about ensuring that ‘My Health, My Right’ extends to every corner of our communities, especially where it’s needed most.”

As we celebrate World Health Day, we delve into the narratives of those making “My Health, My Right” a reality. Through the lens of the Africa Young Innovators for Health Award, we envision a future where innovation supports healthcare delivery and solidifies the foundation for a world where health coverage is truly universal.