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The Africa Young Innovators for Health Award has launched its first competition this year designed to highlight and support the work of pioneering young African entrepreneurs developing health innovations. We have received entries for solutions aimed at supporting, equipping, protecting and training healthcare workers, who are on the frontline of delivering healthcare to communities.


Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nursing assistants, community care and social workers are the critical backbone of well-functioning healthcare systems. No other category of worker is as essential to the well-being of the population of every nation. It is for this reason that in its first edition, the Award will focus on supporting innovations that can make a real difference to healthcare workers. These innovative approaches need to leverage the complementary expertise of both the public and the private sector.


NOW is the time to streamline African innovations in healthcare and to provide African doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals with locally-led responses and innovative solutions that will benefit society as a whole.


The Africa Young Innovators for Health Award is an investment in the human capital of Africa’s promising young entrepreneurs. The Award provides financial and in-kind support so they can advance their healthcare solutions and garner support on their journey to becoming today’s change makers, innovators and leaders.

The Award

Award Winners will receive:

Up to $40,000 to help bring your idea to life.

First Award of $40,000
Second Award of $20,000
Third Award of $15,000

A 3-month business mentorship programme.

Technical support to include Intellectual Property protection (if relevant).

Exposure and recognition from global healthcare leaders and the public.

Applications are now closed for review by the jury members.

All received submissions will be evaluated on:


To be considered for the award, the project must first and foremost show originality and the ability to cause a positive transformation in its solution. It must break new ground and meet an evident challenge within its municipality, region or country.



The project must show the promise of increasing capacity with the introduction of additional resources, not only within its immediate geographical location of use but across a wider region of the country, neighbouring countries and even across the continent.


Measurable and Sustainable Impact on Health

The innovation must have a clear and positive impact on healthcare workers and the discharge of their functions and responsibilities. This impact must be direct, measurable and sustainable.


Commercial viability

The innovation must show profitability and be able to compete effectively with its competitors and substitutes. It must also be relevant to the needs of the health workers to guarantee consistent use.


Meet the Jury Members

We have invited high profile multi-disciplinary experts from across Africa to take part in the 2021 jury session of the Africa Young Innovators for Health Award.


We are very proud of the 2021 jury, as they have played critical roles and continue to be key stakeholders in healthcare and infrastructure within the continent. They are very diverse – in professional experience, origin, age and gender.


The jury members have a keen eye for the smallest detail that makes a product an innovation, and are able to appreciate and award a future-driven project despite some weaknesses in its presentation. Apart from that, fairness and respect for the work of the innovators is a major consideration. The ability for a responsible handling of each entry is also a key characteristic.


Applications are now closed for review by the jury members.

Click here to learn more about our Jury Members.

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