WHO AFRO spotlights Award Innovations

24 June 2022.
By the Award program team

The World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa (WHO AFRO) has featured the Africa Young Innovators for Health Awardees and shortlisted applicants on its new African Innovators Network platform to acknowledge their innovative healthcare solutions. The platform showcases over 90 inspirational innovations from across the African region, with the aim of connecting different international and local players in the innovation ecosystem to identify and support ideas emerging from the African continent.  

Featured Awardees include Conrad Tankou (GICMED), John Mwangi (Daktari Media), Imodoye Abioro (Mediverse), and  Women Innovators Incubator participants Nuriat Nambogo (MobiCare), Marie Chantal Umunyana (Umubyeyi Elevate), and Angella Kyomugisha (Kaaro Health). 

Alongside the Awardees, the marketplace showcased innovations from shortlisted applicants:  Dysmus Kisilu (SolarFreeze), Emmanuel Kamuhire (A-Lite Vein Locator), Harrison Suhnfor (H&S Technologies), Mohamed Taha Ben Mhenni (Vitah), Peaceman Rwema (PharmaDoc), Richard Seshie (Allo Sante), Sesinam Dagadu (SnooCODE RED), Stephen Ogweno (Stowelink), and Chrispin Akuzwe (Smart Chair). 

According to WHO, locally generated innovations harness the rapid growth in information and mobile technology to accelerate better health outcomes, reduce inequities, and drive disease prevention and care. However, innovators still face significant barriers toward scaling across Africa due to limited innovation-friendly policies to support establishing a robust innovation ecosystem in the continent. 

To support African innovators and their innovative solutions, WHO AFRO developed a virtual marketplace that showcases inspirational innovations and connects them with international and local players in the innovation system. By identifying promising health innovations, delineating critical paths forward, and working with different stakeholders, including funders and governments, this virtual marketplace can help bring these innovations to scale. 

Visit the WHO AFRO Innovation Marketplace here.